Healthy can bee anything, healthy can bee everything!

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10 ways to get kids to eat fruits and vegetables

Shop with your kids allowing them to pick out the vegetables they prefer.

Hide pureed vegetables in meals.

Offer fruit and vegetables while they’re hungry.

Make fruits and veggies easily accessible.

Start early by introducing your toddler to a wide variety of vegetables.

Get kids interested by starting a vegetable garden.

Don’t force kids to eat things they don’t want.

Be patient and persistent.

Set a good example by eating your vegetables.

Teach kids about how fruits and vegetables help prevent disease.

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Spring is here and summer is fast approaching which means it’s time to plant a garden. There are many benefits to sowing seeds in your own garden including physical exercise and fresh produce free of pesticides and other harmful chemicals. It’s also a great opportunity to not only teach kids about where food comes from but to actually show them. It takes some work and dedication but I encourage you to plant at least one seed this year. Sometimes that’s all it takes.


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Making progress

For the record, my kids willingly eat more vegetables than the average two and five year old, which I attribute to introducing these foods at a young age.  However, more recently they have decided they no longer like many of the vegetables we have been eating over the past several years. I find it very frustrating but instead of worrying about the progress we seem to be loosing, I will take the opportunity to evaluate the work we have done and try to build from that. The fact that they do like some vegetables is an achievement that deserves praise. I have to remember this is a life long goal and I shouldn’t expect them to become healthy over night. Keep learning keep encouraging and keep finding health.

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Child abuse prevention and awareness

cycle to break the cycle

Health includes more than just eating a balanced diet and exercising. It embodies a healthy mind, soul, and spirit. In order to become a healthy happy human being, safety is essential. April is child abuse prevention and awareness month so we are doing our part in trying to support the cause by participating in a local event called cycle to break the cycle. Building the strongest generating this world has ever seen.

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Dessert with an emphasis on Health

My kids love dessert, which may be an understatement.  After dinner every night they ask for candy, cake, ice cream, doughnuts, and anything with sugar.  Tonight’s healthy dinner idea is chicken kabobs with an array of colorful vegetables.  For dessert we stayed with the skewer theme and made fruit kabobs.  I was pessimistic about my kids eating the many vegetables that highlighted each pointed bamboo stick so I bribed them with melted chocolate to dip their fruit (Remember, moderation is fundamental).  My son unenthusiastically ate all of his vegetables with hardly a complaint besides a few disgusted faces here and there, while my daughter was unwilling to make the sacrifice.  Fortunately we are making progress.