Healthy can bee anything, healthy can bee everything!

Time to think

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Its been a year since I last posted on this health conscious blog and what I’ve learned is although eating right and exercising is important, it’s not the most important thing I am teaching my children. For the last two years I’ve been encouraging my kids to eat their vegetables and work out with me so it’s promising to see them occasionally finish all of their vegetables without complaining or show off and flex their muscles, but again it’s only a small portion of their health and well-being.  I’m beginning to believe THE most important thing I can do for my children is love them. After that, expressing patience and encouragement will allow them to become the happy healthy individuals they are destined to be.  Basically my aim is to be the worlds best father which will lay a foundation that engenders kids who want to eat their vegetables and exercise instead of kids who grow up to despise vegetables because dad forced them to eat every last bite.

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