Healthy can bee anything, healthy can bee everything!

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We made oatmeal souffle for breakfast this morning.  I tried to skimp on the sugar and use rolled oats but my daughter was unimpressed.  She said it was the worst breakfast she had ever had.  However my son and I enjoyed it.

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How was your day?

How was your day? How was your day! HOW WAS YOUR DAY!? Words have different meaning when expressed with energy and excitement. I always ask my son how his day was when he walks through the door but usually get a generic answer “good”. I tried something new today and ran to the door yelling “my son is home” with an exuberant smile on my face and asked how his day was. He immediately matched my energy and began to tell me about his entire day. Its easy to forget the small details that go into making life what you want it to be but when I am intentional and diligent life has a way of falling into place. I must not forget my attitude determines the outcome.

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Looking Back

Its been about nine months since we really started implementing a healthy attitude in our every day life, and it hasn’t been completely easy.  I am using this day to review with my kids all the healthy things they have done over the last several months and telling them how proud I am of their hard work and progress while showing them how far they have come.  I’m putting an emphasis on mentioning their achievements more often.