Healthy can bee anything, healthy can bee everything!

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Making progress

For the record, my kids willingly eat more vegetables than the average two and five year old, which I attribute to introducing these foods at a young age. ¬†However, more recently they have decided they no longer like many of the vegetables we have been eating over the past several years. I find it very frustrating but instead of worrying about the progress we seem to be loosing, I will take the opportunity to evaluate the work we have done and try to build from that. The fact that they do like some vegetables is an achievement that deserves praise. I have to remember this is a life long goal and I shouldn’t expect them to become healthy over night. Keep learning keep encouraging and keep finding health.

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Child abuse prevention and awareness

cycle to break the cycle

Health includes more than just eating a balanced diet and exercising. It embodies a healthy mind, soul, and spirit. In order to become a healthy happy human being, safety is essential. April is child abuse prevention and awareness month so we are doing our part in trying to support the cause by participating in a local event called cycle to break the cycle. Building the strongest generating this world has ever seen.

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