Healthy can bee anything, healthy can bee everything!

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Dessert with an emphasis on Health

My kids love dessert, which may be an understatement.  After dinner every night they ask for candy, cake, ice cream, doughnuts, and anything with sugar.  Tonight’s healthy dinner idea is chicken kabobs with an array of colorful vegetables.  For dessert we stayed with the skewer theme and made fruit kabobs.  I was pessimistic about my kids eating the many vegetables that highlighted each pointed bamboo stick so I bribed them with melted chocolate to dip their fruit (Remember, moderation is fundamental).  My son unenthusiastically ate all of his vegetables with hardly a complaint besides a few disgusted faces here and there, while my daughter was unwilling to make the sacrifice.  Fortunately we are making progress.


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Top 10 benefits of Yoga

1)   Stress Relief
2)   Flexibility
3)   Better Breathing
4)   Pain Relief
5)   Weight Management
6)   Improved Circulation
7)   Cardiovascular Conditioning
8)   Increased Strength
9)   Improved Ability to Focus
10) Inner Peace



Cosmic Kids Yoga. Great for preschool and early elementary aged kids!