Healthy can bee anything, healthy can bee everything!

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Dedicated to be motivated

How do you find motivation and stay on track for any significant period of time?  We are all motivated by different needs, wants, and desires.  Some of us are motivated by rewards while others are motivated by fear.  We all have a basic instinctual need to be healthy but some simply don’t know where to start or how to begin.  The advantage kids have is a clean slate to work on a preventative approach rather than a curative one. If taught early, kids can avoid the difficult task many teens and adults face today of losing weight.   It’s much easier and cost-effective to avoid the dangers of an unhealthy lifestyle than it is to cure an illness or disease caused by bad habits.

A few things that keep me dedicated to living a healthy and active lifestyle are changing my workout routine so exercise doesn’t become old and mundane.  Not denying myself a particular food or eating tasteless food in the name of health. Having a partner who can motivate and encourage me to continue working and the gratification that comes with the transformation and improvements I see my body making.  I’m able to motivate my kids by simply showing an interest and being motivated myself.  Kids are very impressionable so encourage them to want to be healthy and help them discover their own motivation. Find your health and your kids health will follow.

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A new year!

The new year is a great time to set goals and get motivated. However, it’s important to establish reasonable expectations to ensure your dreams are attainable. Try to avoid rushing into such a strict set of rules and principles that will have you burnt out by the end of the month. Instead, pace yourself for the next long but very short 365 days. Take one day at a time and be as healthy as you can possibly be. I hope to see an overflow of healthy people, especially kids, in 2013!