Healthy can bee anything, healthy can bee everything!

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The goal.

This blog was created to motivate me in keeping my kids healthy and attempt to help other parents do the same for their families. So that were all on the same page, Merriam-Webster dictionary defines health as the condition of being sound in body, mind, or spirit; especially: freedom from physical disease or pain. With that said, we all have different ideas of what health actually looks like so not everything on this sight will be relevant to your kids or family.  However, as long as health is the common goal, it doesn’t matter how we get there. The two main issues contributing to unhealthy children are poor diet and lack of physical activity. Alarmingly, childhood obesity has more than tripled over the last 30 years and its projected that by the year 2030, obesity rates for adults will be around fifty percent or higher. I believe something can be done about this epidemic but it will take open minded people willing to change. First, being healthy is a lifestyle so families should begin thinking long-term and kids should start learning healthy habits at a young age. It’s our responsibility to set good examples for our children, make learning fun, and make our child’s health a priority. I encourage parents to comment on posts if you like an idea or if you’ve had success doing it another way. Together we can raise healthier happier children!