Healthy can bee anything, healthy can bee everything!

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great questions great answers

I’ve begun to realize how important questions are. If questions aren’t asked answers are not given and wisdom cannot be gained. One question I frequently ask myself is how can I be better father today? I don’t always have a new and exciting answer however the question does generate a pattern of thinking that encourages me to continually improve.

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Time to think

Its been a year since I last posted on this health conscious blog and what I’ve learned is although eating right and exercising is important, it’s not the most important thing I am teaching my children. For the last two years I’ve been encouraging my kids to eat their vegetables and work out with me so it’s promising to see them occasionally finish all of their vegetables without complaining or show off and flex their muscles, but again it’s only a small portion of their health and well-being.  I’m beginning to believe THE most important thing I can do for my children is love them. After that, expressing patience and encouragement will allow them to become the happy healthy individuals they are destined to be.  Basically my aim is to be the worlds best father which will lay a foundation that engenders kids who want to eat their vegetables and exercise instead of kids who grow up to despise vegetables because dad forced them to eat every last bite.

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A year already.

After one year we are here. We have had successful moments where it seemed every vegetable served was consumed without complaint yet we have also had our difficult moments where the thought of vegetables was enough to make the kids claim they were going to vomit. This blog has kept me accountable and motivated to continuously think of ways to make health fun and encourage my kids to choose health. It’s definitely a work in progress and I don’t see an end in sight but I’m optimistic of our progress and the benefits we are experiencing along the way.

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We made oatmeal souffle for breakfast this morning.  I tried to skimp on the sugar and use rolled oats but my daughter was unimpressed.  She said it was the worst breakfast she had ever had.  However my son and I enjoyed it.

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How was your day?

How was your day? How was your day! HOW WAS YOUR DAY!? Words have different meaning when expressed with energy and excitement. I always ask my son how his day was when he walks through the door but usually get a generic answer “good”. I tried something new today and ran to the door yelling “my son is home” with an exuberant smile on my face and asked how his day was. He immediately matched my energy and began to tell me about his entire day. Its easy to forget the small details that go into making life what you want it to be but when I am intentional and diligent life has a way of falling into place. I must not forget my attitude determines the outcome.

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Looking Back

Its been about nine months since we really started implementing a healthy attitude in our every day life, and it hasn’t been completely easy.  I am using this day to review with my kids all the healthy things they have done over the last several months and telling them how proud I am of their hard work and progress while showing them how far they have come.  I’m putting an emphasis on mentioning their achievements more often.